Write For Us

We are currently looking for writers and creators who want to contribute to this project. Though still in its infancy, Reconciling Earth looks to the future with hope that the work done here can help lead people to acting on the climate crisis.

Nourishment also plays a key part here. As we continue to reconcile our relationship with Earth, we need moments of reprieve and reflection to appreciate the work we’ve done so far. In addition, to continue a practice of habitual reverence is a radical act.

Reconciling Earth is looking for writers and creators who are interested in wrestling with these topics in their work; who are interested in thinking about new ways we can reconcile our relationship with Earth; and, who have hope that our efforts will make change.

Please pitch us an idea for a story, article, personal essay, or creative work of a different medium.

You can send your pitch to reconcilingearth@gmail.com or fill out the contact form below.

We look forward to hearing from you.